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Xcite Advertising is the industry leader in automotive digital marketing, providing solutions for all your inventory needs

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Virtual reality platform for your entire inventory, including a 360-degree motion enabled view for a better consumer experience

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Tracking system to assist dealerships with understanding how long every vehicle is in each stage on the lot

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Digital Window Stickers

Enriched data for your inventory, along with a button to display installed option values

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Dealer & Vehicle Review

Simple and quick consumer reviews for your dealership or your vehicles

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Enterprise Groups

Clients with 40+ rooftops


From a single, stand-alone dealership all the way up to 39 rooftops


Xcite will partner with manufacturers, too

What Xcite Offers

Xcite Advertising is here to be a solution for all of your inventory needs. With general services like Photos and Videos, and then unique products like Lotgistics and our Xcite Review Platform. Xcite is here to help you sell more vehicles!


Professional photos for your entire inventory


Get a new perspective on your vehicles with our innovative take on 360-degree Spin Technology


Full-motion videos so that consumers can see the angles that photos just can not capture

Window Stickers

Custom or Standard Window Stickers to satisfy all of your dealership needs


Tracking system for all dealerships to understand how long each vehicle is in every stage on the lot

Dealer & Vehicle Reviews

Simple and quick reviews for your dealership or your vehicles

Digital Window Stickers

  • Installed Options: Lists out all installed options beyond the standard package (Premium Package, Navigation)
  • Value-Added: Breakdown of what the added features are actually worth
  • Customization: Make the DWS your own with complete customization (Button, Templates, Group Sites)
  • Integration: Integrate with: Your Website, Cars.com, AutoTrader.com, Exports


Lotgistics tracks your vehicles statuses on your lot to help understand how long your vehicles are in service, detail, etc. Offers huge advantages for your speed to market.


  • Converts photos into an interactive virtual reality experience 
  • 360-Degree motion enabled views with tagged and interactive hotspots
  • Better understanding of the features from all different angles

    Dealer & Vehicle Reviews

    Reviews made easy! Trackable platform using text messages or emails to consumers. Check out our platform at the link below.

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    Since opening in 2007, Xcite has grown into a nationwide source for automotive inventory photography. Product expansion is a top priority for Xcite, which has lead to a wide-variety of data enriched services.

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