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Welcome to Xcite Advertising’s Digital Window Stickers page. Using Digital Window Stickers on your site will give you an instant leg up on your competition. Consumers want to know what features a car has before coming in to the dealership, and now they can!

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About DWS

Digital Window Stickers can have an immediate positive impact on your conversion rate. All of the consumer’s questions about added options to your vehicles can now be answered by simply visiting your website. Here are the features of the Digital Window Stickers:

Installed Options

Lists out all installed options beyond the standard package (Premium Package, Navigation)


Breakdown of what the added features are actually worth


Make the DWS your own with complete customization (Button, Templates, Group Sites)


Integrate with: Your Website,,, Exports

Greatly Improve Your Conversion Rate

Not Listing Out Your Vehicle Features Can Cost You Sales

Have a Different Conversation With Your Customers

Digital Window Stickers will give you all the tools you’ll need in order to outperform your competitors

View here what a DWS Button would look like on your VDP. It's just that easy!

Vehicle Photo


Utilizing the crisp photos from our lot services crew to grab the attention of your customers


  • Professional Photos
  • Customized Amounts
  • Timely Service


DWS will show an exact breakdown of what these installed options are worth to the customer. The example of the right shows a total added-value of $9,750!


  • Breakdown of Value
  • Relists Installed Options
  • Important to Consumers
Ventilated multi-contour front seats
Chrome surround for audio and air conditioning system, high-gloss wood strips, leather seats w/ stitching and choice of two upholstery variants in four colors
Keyless entry, lumbar support, satellite radio
Rearview camera and head-up display
Heated front seats, heated steering wheel, retractable headlight washers, heated rear seats

Installed Options

View all of the added-value options in a very clear and concise way. Consumers will be able to determine exactly which additional features the vehicle includes and what the features entail.


  • Clear and Descriptive
  • User-Friendly
  • Helpful for Sales Person

Button Customization

Our Digital Window Sticker Buttons are completely customizable and can fit right into your website

Website Integration

Our data has the ability to integrate with your website and 3rd party exports!

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Above you can see a typical VDP. What’s different is in the bottom right-hand corner, our DWS button. The button is clickable and will show the total value of each vehicle’s Added Options. This button can be on your website too!

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